Norann (Flier)

Norann “The World’s Fastest Female Hypnotist,” is as unique as her show which begins with her all-volunteer guests are deeply hypnotized and the show begins in less than 7 minutes-that includes her opening remarks. She is both spokesperson and entertainer, combining beauty and talent into a seamless production. See why dozens of corporate giants and casinos have booked her show! Well spoken, charming, sexy are but a few ways to describe Norann. She is a member in good standing of the National Guild of Hypnotist, a competent lecturer for both corporate and college functions, her shows can be custom designed with routines and music to suit the client’s needs. Norann is also performs a fantastic mind-reading act, that adds to her versatility. Whether you need a spokesperson, sales trainer/motivator, lecturer or just a side splitting night of laughs and fun, choose Norann “The Worlds Fastest Female Hypnotist.”

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