Mask D Desire Comics

Mask’d Desire Comics was formed in late 2011 as an extension of the Mask’D Desire brand. As a company it felt the next logical step was to integrate the character of Leia Down into her own comic based series. Initially designed to be a 5-6 page feature in every edition of Mask’D Desire Magazine, the idea quickly grew with the help of Tragic Entertainment. This lead to the comic being able to stand on its own as a 16 page monthly publication. The character of Leia Down will now be able to grow and evolve to heights never before imagined.

The series will launch with the first issue titled Dark Arrival: which follows Leia’s struggles after being thrown out of an elite organization known as The Revenant, leaving her for dead in the outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada. Always the classic anti-hero, Leia will cause all sorts of mischief and of course use her beautiful body and elite skills and powers to get out any sticky situation!


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