Brandon {GOOCH} Hahn

Brandon Hahn, better known as Gooch, was born in Toledo, Ohio and moved to the Las Vegas Valley when he was just 12 years old. He says himself the transition was difficult. Having a “mullet” haircut and bugle boy cargo pants weren’t necessarily the rage back in 1992. He used sarcasm in school to mask insecurities, and although he was not a bully he was not the definition of a model student either. His disdain for authority however, found him in the dean’s office often. He recalls a running joke between his stepfather Bob and the principal of the school, about whose turn it was to bring the donuts to the next meeting between them. He credits a couple of teachers however for instilling in him a bit of self respect for who he was becoming personally and how he could shape his future and his family for teaching him the importance of working hard.

Sarcasm aside, he was always funny, and a high school friend named Petar Spajic understood that, even going to the lengths of tricking him into his first open mic, Understandably today, he describes it as a defining moment for which he says he owes his friend a huge debt of gratitude. That also began a period of many open mics where Brandon would cut his teeth on stand-up comedy and would gain valuable insights into what it would take to become a good one. At 20, he found himself working for Home Depot where the confines of what felt to him to be a mundane job left him bored enough at night to call a local radio show on a regular basis. Cara West (now Cara Whitney), who was then the afternoon radio talk show host at KOMP 92.3, began to recognize his voice and soon delved into the identity of this mystery caller. She wanted to know “his story”, to which he explained he did a little stand-up at local open mics, and had a latent interest in radio. Their on-air camaraderie continued until after having developed a repoire with each other she called him up one night and asked him to meet her. In 2001, by just 21, he had an internship with the radio station and soon after, she asked him to become her on-air partner. This led to various other small part time positions at the radio station and by 24, his own night spot. To this day, he credits this meeting and his relationship with Cara for much of what he is today.

His comedic influences, as you might guess, were industry greats. George Carlin, Larry the Cable Guy, Ron White, Dave Chappell, and of course, Chris Rock, made deep and lasting impressions. He doesn’t think you need to target people for good comedy, and draws more often on his own life experiences for a good bit. The affirmation of laughter drives him to work hard to develop his own style and he describes hecklers as wanna-be comics, that do not understand the characteristics of a great comedian, and the trials and tribulations of life in the world of funny. He is however; the first to say, that when he gets a heckler that persists, then it’s game on.

Even with 10 years in comedy under his belt, Brandon says of comedy, it can never be perfected, and there is always someplace to go. Brandon loves his family, values his friendships, and thinks making people laugh might be the greatest job in the world. Although he doesn’t know what the future holds for him, he is always open to all of it’s possibilities.

In the immortal words of Gooch…Rise To Offend!

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