BoyToys (Flier)

Travel like a rockstar with Nico Santucci Known as:” The man with ALL the toys” Travel on his private jet, Rockstar tour bus and countless exotic cars to see other boytoys struttin their stuff Like: Criss Angels incredible car collection including Rolls Royce Phantom and Lamboghini Roadster. Carrot tops World class Million dollar dressing room valued at over 200k, and Gordie Browns world Class custom Bentley built by Nico Santucci himself… During your journey you’ll see celebs and their prize toys from mansions to Maseratis some of the sexiest boys toys on the planet from some of the coolest guys around…. never to dissapoint Nico will walk you through the world of excess from all walks of life….. Boys love their toys and you’ll love this inside look at BOYTOYS……

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